Vital Records

If you're headed to an Oklahoma MVD (Motor Vehicle Division), you can guarantee that they'll ask you to produce at least one vital record in order to renew, replace or get a new OK driver's license. Do you have yours?

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Birth Certificates

In Oklahoma and most U.S. states, Motor Vehicle Services will want proof of your identity. The most commonly asked for vital record is your birth certificate. It's always a good idea to be prepared at all times by having an official birth certificate (copy or original) on hand. If you can't find your birth certificate, you'll need to have a copy to not only get an OK driver's license, but also for other situations that might arise where you'll need to prove your identity. Read more...

Birth Certificate- Corrections

If you want to make a correction on an official document like a birth certificate, you will need to involve the legal system of Oklahoma to make sure that the information is accurate and updated properly. Obtaining a birth certificate today has become an easier process through state-supported online systems, but making changes to a birth certificate still proves to be a complicated task. Read more...

Replacing a Vital Record in Oklahoma

To your partner's dismay, did you misplace or lose your marriage certificate? Did your birth certificate inconveniently disappear? If you've lost these documents or any other vital record, you will have to get new copies as soon as you can. Read more...