Oklahoma Learner's Permit

Wondering what the next step is after completing your Drivers Ed course? All you have to do is follow a few easy steps to apply for your Oklahoma learner’s permit. You must:

Oklahoma Learner's Permit

The learner’s permit is your first step to getting a full driver’s license in Oklahoma. To get your permit you’ll need to finish basic drivers education. The learner’s permit has several stages towards your full drivers license in Oklahoma. Here’s how you can get your permit and start driving. Begin by downloading and studying the Drivers Manual


  • Be 16 years old
  • Take written test
  • Provide Birth certificate
  • Provide Identification
  • Provide $25 fee for permit

This doesn’t give you a license to drive but it allows you to practice driving. You will need a person 21 years old or older in the passenger seat of your car as you practice driving.

  • Practice 50 hours with 10 at night

Intermediate License

  • Hold basic learner’s for six months
  • Have no traffic violations
  • Take driving test
  • Have driver who was with you during training sign affidavit to prove training
  • Pay $10 fee

You may drive without supervision between 5am and 10pm and at any time if accompanied by an adult who is at least 21 years old.  You will find more information on the types of licenses and restrictions associated with them here at the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

Over 18 years of age
If you are over 18 you are not required to take a drivers education course to get your learner’s permit but it’s a good idea to do so.

Find out more about drivers education in Oklahoma here.