Notice: 30 percent of Americans have roadside assistance - are you one of them?

Roadside Assistance

Ever found yourself stuck on the highway with a flat tire or dead battery? Or, maybe you ran out of gas, or locked your keys in the car. Either way, find a roadside assistance expert that can help you get back on track to your destination.

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Never be far from help with Roadside Assistance

Every single car, truck, van, motorcycle or other vehicle powered by a motor has something in common: they break down. How much a breakdown affects you depends on how prepared you are. For many drivers, breakdowns become an immediate stressful scenario, but for the 30 percent of Americans with roadside assistance, it's just a temporary setback while they wait for a service vehicle to come help. Read more...

Truth about Accidents in Oklahoma

Wherever there are a lot of cars, trucks, vans or motorcycles there are accidents. Every day in Oklahoma, there is an average of 200 vehicle accidents, and 50 percent of them include an injury. Fortunately, the Sooner State falls into one of the safer states to drive, but that doesn't mean drivers shouldn't continue to follow the rules of the road. Read more...

Top Five Reasons for Roadside Assistance in Oklahoma

Drivers across America have a common fear: breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Being left stranded on the road by your car, truck, van or motorcycle is a feeling no one should experience and yet many do. To make matters worse, most drivers are in no way prepared to deal with it. Nearly 80 percent of Americans, according the AAA, don't even know what a properly inflated tire is. There is a remedy to all this confusion and it's called roadside assistance. Read more...